Orthodontics is the specialty in dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of anomalies of the teeth and the jaws, which very often affect function of the lips and jaw-joints, and can interfere with normal speech an breathing.

One of the foremost goals of orthodontic treatment is the enhancement of the beauty of the face.

Over the last years adult orthodontic treatment has become an integral part of our specialty, which traditionally provided treatment for children and adolescents only.


The orthodontist should first see a child at about the age of six when the baby-teeth have started to change. Early orthodontic treatment at that age can very often positively affect the development of the permanent teeth, and prevent future problems.

Airway problems require early treatment not only from the orthodontist but also from the ENT-specialist/allergist.

Speech problems frequently necessitate early orthodontics treatment and speech therapy alike.


Orthodontic treatment today, is not limited to a specific age group but can be of benefit to children, adolescents and adults of any age, alike.


Careful analysis and evaluation of the orthodontic problem with the aid of the treatment records are paramount to excellent orthodontic care. Besides extra- and intraoral photographs, impressions of the teeth and x-rays of the teeth, jaws and face are needed. The amount of treatment required and the estimated treatment time can now be determined.

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